sunol regional park & little yosemite

…sometimes the best places to explore are right in your own back yard…

this weekend we drove to Sunol Regional Park, about 30 mins south of livermore for an early morning hike. except that we slept in, decided to stop for snacks, breakfast and coffee, and didn’t arrive until 10 am. feels good to enjoy the day sometimes though, am I right?!

our mission: to find the nestled Little Yosemite everyone raves about in the google reviews. so we moseyed on down the trail, finally seeing a footpath down the hillside, but no sign. going with our gut, we climbed down the path…​

and were rewarded with beautiful pools of water between large boulders, small creeks and gurgling baby waterfalls – what a treat!
we scrambled, crawled, jumped and climbed our way through Little Yosemite, one boulder at a time. the temperature in the shade was cool and we finished the path in around 30 mins – one of the funnest outdoor areas I’ve been too in a long time!

so we decided to keep our adventure going and continued down the fire road to the next trail which would take us up to one of the highest points in the park…​ and although the heat was starting to get to ​one​ of us, we were excited to see a coyote and find some critters along the way…

and sure, we had some pretty nice views under the sun…. 

and slapped on our ​fake it till we make it ​smiles while vultures circled overhead waiting for us to croak…. 

when finally we had to stop and ask ourselves… ​are we ever going to make it to the top in this heat?!  
[okay, okay, grant was fine and I was the one that needed the extra push]

 and after a picnic in some shade, some moaning and a bit of suffering in the high noon heat, we finally made it to the top!​

only to realize we had made a few wrong turns and needed to back track… but not until 
​we got some glamour shots with an old fallen tree… [i know, dorks]

all in all, it was a good, hot, 8 mile hike with even better company…