and other magical places…

point reyes national seashore
​& alamere falls

the best part about the bay area is that we are a stone’s throw away 
​from loads of outdoor adventures – why sit at home when we could be out in nature exploring? 

we left oakland around a noon, and after a quick pit stop at whole foods for some much needed snacks and vegetables, we started the short drive up to point reyes. point reyes is a beautiful area and because it’s not too far, its the perfect, weekday or weekend getaway, even if you’re just visiting San Francisco for a short while. And there’s so much to see!

visiting point reyes station

this small town has everything you could need: cheese shop, local bakery, market [with my mom’s favorite buffalo chocolate frozen yogurt hidden at the back counter], coffee shop and public bathrooms. stop at the cowgirl creamery for some delicious humboldt fog or walk down the street for some delicious coffee at tony’s coffee shop, located in an old looking barn. don’t skip their pastries either, they’re just as good as the pastry shop across the street. Lastly, hop a street over to use the loo before heading out for a nice drive along the coast or your afternoon hike.   

limantour beach and “secret hike”

my favorite hike of ours was the path right behind the Limantour parking lot, and by far the lesser crowded option. have you ever noticed animal droppings on the ground or tree bark on trees mangled? open your eyes a little wider and you’ll start to notice the signs of deer, elk and even foxes in this magical forest. this trail follows along the muddy hollow waters and is a beautiful walk. keep your eyes peeled for quail, too!

this image was taken from the National Park Service website

tuli elk reserve

​this elk reserve was created to repopulate the tulli elk in the area, who almost went extinct. best time to visit the elk reserve is in the early morning, right before sunrise and just afterwards, when the elk are moving around on the hillsides. be sure to bring your binoculars! the hike to the point is about 10 miles round trip. If you only have a day in point reyes, visit the elk in the morning and head down to alamere falls for an afternoon hike. 

alamere falls

​​although once a hidden gem, this place has become quite the popular place for a day hike – and it’s easy to see why! the hike to alamere falls is actualy quite easy to find – just use google maps to search for Palomarin Trail Head – Alamere Falls. it will lead you down a dirt road to a fairly small parking lot (in which case you made need to turn around and park on the road). the trail itself isn’t too strenuous, and they say the best time to visit is after rainfall, sometime between december and march. we visited in october though, and it was absolutely worth the hike.  

the beach directly below alamere falls where we picnic’d with some
​taleggio cheese, salt and pepper crackers and fresh raspberries