Hiking Checklist

Whether you’ll be hiking for 3 miles or 12 – any hike can ​take a wrong turn! ​[see what I did there?]

Here’s a condensed list of essential hiking gear you should be carrying with you when you go out in the back country (not recommended for longer, overnight trips). ​​​Take a moment to review and save this handy list for the next time you go hiking! 

​pssst….need a new hike? little butano creek trail is a favorite!

The Essentials

​Emergency Blanket
Emergency First Aid Kit
     Band Aids
      Oral Rehydration Salts
     Antiseptic Wipes
     Moleskin for blisters
     Adhesive Tape
     EpiPen if you’re allergic!
Trail Map
Waterproof Strike Anywhere Matches
Snacks/Food (Roasted nuts, rxbars, beef jerky, etc)
Small water filter or tablets
An Extra Layer

Really Good to Have Handy:​​
Bug Spray​ 
SPF Chapstick
Duct Tape​

For Moral Support:

What’s your favorite thing to take hiking?