copenhaver tree farm

7 years!

that’s how long it takes for a tree to finally become profitable. 

Karla and Clay have been growing Christmas trees in Missoula, Montana for 35 years now, and have the only tree farm in Missoula county.

Clay walks through the tree farm on his property, down the lane to his parents house across the way. 

every year the copenhaver plantation sells around 200-250 trees to people far and wide. the farm
​grows all types of christmas trees: frasier fir, scotch pine, douglas fir, and concolor ​just to name a few…  did you know
​there were so many types of christmas trees?! 

growing christmas trees is not easy work either. although this farm has decreased from 12,000 trees to 2,000 over the years, Clay and Karla still grow all of their trees from seed, planting them every spring. when the trees finally reach 3 years old, they are replanted in the fields and placed 8 ft apart where they will grow big and tall, waiting to be cut and taken home to make someones holiday extra special. 

what’s the best part about this christmas tree farm you ask? (besides it being family run and owned for 35 years of course!)… you get to swing by the farm and claim your tree in October, and even cut it down yourself come Christmas time! Isn’t that cool?

So next year, be sure to take a little trip down Christmas tree lane and find your favorite tree at the Copenhaver plantation!

Copenhaver Plantation
2610 Jennifer Ct
59804 Missoula, Montana

Grant and I having some quality, cold fun in the snow at the tree farm!