chateau du rivau & ses jardins

located bewteen Chinon and Richelieu, on what I would call the route des chateaux in the Loire Valley, lies Chateau du Rivau.  this beautiful castle dates as far back as the XVIII century – about the time when the Americas were just being discovered by europeens. like most castles in france, chateau du rivau has a rich history filled with kings, jeanne d’arc (joan of arc) and war horses….. 

the gardens, are what made the castle worthwhile – raised beds were filled to the brim with gourds, tomatoes, and chou frise – vegetables from the end of the season piling up, waiting to be eaten. in the gardens around the castle were fragrant roses, a total of 450 species, making this castle classified as France’s own “conservatory of fragrant roses”. 

the garden, meant to conjure up thoughts of the middle ages as well as fairy tales, is filled with large statues of boots, legs and other odd things….. 

I could spend hours here wandering around this curious place…. 

…couldn’t you? 

Chateau du Rivau