chateau d’azay-le-rideau

this gorgeous castle was built starting in the XVI century, but wasn’t completed until the XVIII century
​and was home to numerous kings thought out it’s days . . . 

like many castles of its time, azay-le-rideau was built out of tuffeau, a type of limestone that was often used during the renaissance.

recently the castle underwent some beautiful restoration, which stands out in the newly decorated and furnished rooms! 

my favorite room, which was closed during my visit, was the Biencourt Salon. this room was meant to host and entertain guests and inhabitants alike. the room is decorated with large, draping gold and red curtains, large tableaus on the walls, and delicate restoration and georgian chairs surrounding an immense fireplace. you can see photos of the inside of the castle by going here, and if you’d like to see the Biencourt Salon, scroll down to the bottom.

​although these castles are often old, historic, and open to the public, a good portion of them are in fact ​not ​owned by the state, and are still lived in by their owners! azay-le-rideau was bought by the French government in 1905, but other chateaux I’ve recently visited [such as Chateau de Rivau] are still owned by the public. in these cases, the bottom half of the castle is often left open for the public to visit, while the upper floors are private. 

I just love imagining what life would be like in a time where there’s not electricity, no cars, trains or plans, and no modern medicine either. what was it like to live in such a castle during beautiful summer, and also during a harsh, cold winter during war?  ​

Chateau d’Azay-le-Rideau